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Never Hand Curry Again

The only Powered by Vacuum Curry  - Easy to Use

Fast - Lightweight - Removes Hair Dirt and Dander

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Powered CurryVac

Uses a standard Vacuum cleaner to rotate the curry - FAST & EASY to use

Removes Hair, Dirt and Dander like a simple brush

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Make your horses coat Shine and get attention like never before

CurryVaced horses stand out in a crowd

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CurryVac also gives your horse a great massage - Promotes natural oils

Horses Love the Massage

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Easy to Use Grooming Tool - FREE Shipping

Let Your Vacuum Do All The Work

CurryVac takes off Hair, Dirt and Dander like a soft brush, Make your horses coat short and shine using it 10 minutes a day.

So easy to use, no effort at all CurryVac does all the work - Horses love the Massage action

Never hand curry again with the New CurryVac System

Thousands of Show Horse Owners using CurryVac every day -  Try It You and Your Horse will Love it !!!