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CurryVac Instructions

CurryVac Instructions

  1. The CurryVac comes with two interchangeable curries and 1 hair deflector, it will have the Cone Shaped curry attached. To change curries turn over the CurryVac and rotate the black curry while holding the handle in a counterclockwise direction. Then pull up on the curry to remove from the rotating white plate.  To assemble the serrated curry, align the indentations on the curry with the white plate and then rotate in a clockwise direction. You will feel a slight bump as the curry is locked in place.  The movement of the white receptor plate may take place while you are changing curries, this is normal, you may have to snap the curries in either direction to perform this change.  Once you have done this a few times it will be easier.  The curry rotates in a clockwise movement looking top down, this movement locks in the curry.

    The small deflector plate is to stop unwanted hair from clogging the air intake ports. This plate is not always needed. On long haired horses or animals the CurryVac will create a lot of flying hair while in use.  If the hair is clogging the intake area two methods can be used to continue the use of the CurryVac.  First swipe the hair off the intake area, this will allow the CurryVac to become functional again. Too much hair in the intake area will stop the rotation of the CurryVac.  If this problem persists, attach the deflector to the CurryVac.  This is done by sliding the deflector down the handle towards the intake area with the flat portion in the down position.  There is a hole that matches the screw on the bottom of the CurryVac if permanent attachment is required.  Remove the screw first before sliding on the deflector, then reattach the screw in the hole provided.  

    Other attachments will be available for use with the CurryVac. This is a multipurpose tool. 

  2. The CurryVac is powered by most Vacuum Cleaners with a 1 ¼ inch diameter hose attachment.  Some Vacuum Cleaners have more suction power than others, this variance will determine the speed and power of the rotation.  If the rotation is not fast enough with your vacuum, you may have to upgrade your device.  If using a 1 ½ inch shop vac hose, adapters are available to convert the 1 ½ hose to the 1 ¼ in inlet.

    Plug the Vacuum hose into the CurryVac and turn on the Vacuum. The CurryVac will now rotate in a clockwise movement.

  3. We recommend you start at the top of the back of the horse or animal.  Movement is side to side not in a circle, the device is rotating so there is no need to move in a circle.  Allow enough pressure to remove the hair, too much pressure will stop the device and or may possibly scare the animal.  After first use you will find the right pressure to remove the hair and give your animal a pleasant massage. 

    After the back area move down to the sides and lower portion, Neck and Legs etc. can all be Curried with this device.   The horse or animal will like the massage this device will create, hair will be removed, and oils will come to the surface of the skin giving a sheen to the horse’s coat.  This may take a few weeks for the entire process. 

  4. Recommended Time of Use. We recommend 10 to 15 minutes of use per day to start.  Use for 5 days then 2 days of rest for the animal and you.  Repeat for two weeks, unless you find most of the hair is removed.  This process will be different for each animal.   We recommend after two weeks of use you give the animal one week of rest as too much currying may cause agitation to the coat.  If the animal appears to be agitated with use it means the currying is causing irritation to the skin. Repeat the process as needed.

  5. Cone Shaped VS Serrated. The CurryVac comes with two black curries.  Cone shaped and Serrated, we have found on shorter haired horses the Cone shaped works perfectly, it will also remove hair form the longer coated animals.  The Serrated device appears to work better on longer haired animals, it will be at your discretion which device works best for you.  To change devices please reference #1 or visit our website: to view the videos. 
  6. This device is only needed if hair clogging the air intake becomes a problem.  As described in #1 this device can be permanently attached by using the screw on the bottom of the CurryVac.  Some hair may adhere to the intake area with use of the CurryVac, the hair can be swiped away or removed with the suction of the vacuum hose.  If this problem persists the
    deflector attachment can be used to stop the hair from entering this area.  Each horse or animal will create a different scenario, some may need the deflector some may not.

  7. Cleaning CurryVac. As this device is used to create removal of hair, dirt, dander and debris it will become dirty and may clog.  If the device is running slow or has no power with the same vacuum source there are two or three things to check. 

    First make sure the Vacuum device is not clogged or dirty, sufficient air flow is need for the CurryVac to work properly.

    Second, make sure the intake area is free of hair or debris, there are holes that may clog, if clogged just vacuum them out or clean with a toothpick.

    Third, the CurryVac may be clogged or dirty inside.  To clean the CurryVac refer to our instructional video posted  on our website:  
    Disassembly of the device is quick and easy, 6 screws.  Cleaning is simple and will bring the device back to full power.

Videos/Website.   We have provided instructional videos for the use of the CurryVac and the Cleaning  of the CurryVac on our website.  Please refer to these as needed.  We’re also available by email:  

"CurryVac, Inc. makes no claims, representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, as to the safety, reliability, durability and performance of any of our products. Furthermore, our company accepts no liability whatsoever for the safety, reliability, durability and performance of any of our companies products."

 Warranty Disclaimer:

CurryVac has 30 day money back warranty. This limited warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 30 days from initial date of first retail purchase.


For Animal use only. Not intended for use on humans. Keep out of the reach of children.

Thank you for purchasing our CurryVac Tool.  Please feel free to post any comments on this device on our website. 

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