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CurryVac History


We have been showing halter horses since the 1970’s, starting with grade horses, then AQHA and finally APHA.  Over the 40 plus years we have curried by hand hundreds of great horses.  Always by hand, grooming has not changed much in these past years.

In 2011 we had reached the age where we looked to simplify and tried to make life easier.  Currying was still a major endeavor to keep our show horses in top show condition.  My wife looked all over for a device to simplify this part of maintenance.  She even tried a few “old fashioned remedies” to remove the hair.  Those did not work as planned.  We continued hand currying…..

We decided to develop a mechanical curry, we worked on an electric curry, but none were satisfactory.  Working for over a year on this, then other projects took precedent.  A few years later we again started to think about the curry project.  We developed a different approach that brought us to CurryVac.  In 2018 after working with another horse friend who was an inventor and designer, we finalized the design, we filed for a Patent.  Now the work really began to actually make a prototype and get the Curry made.

After using the prototype on our horses, we found grooming was so much easier and the results were outstanding, the hair came off, the coats looked so shiny, the horses loved us using the device on them. We also had others using the device on their horses, they also raved about the CurryVac.  Their results were the same as ours, short hair coats, an exceptional glow to the coat and their horses loved the massage.

Here we are middle of 2019, our CurryVac is within a few months of delivery.

It takes years and years to bring a product to market, from conception to manufacturing is a tedious and time-consuming project.  I hope this Vacuum Powered Curry will transform the way horses are groomed all over the world.  This curry can be used by other Animals, Steers, Goats any show animals that need grooming.  This will be worldwide product; Animals are shown all over the world.  We have a few more ideas on how to make the CurryVac even better.  Over time we will add new attachments to make grooming animals to perfection. 

Grooming is made so much easier and faster with our CurryVac.  Your horse will love the massage it receives as you are grooming its coat to perfection.  We hope you will use this device year after year to keep your animals in perfect groomed condition.


Rowie & Pat Percoco

Our Contact information:

Curry Vac Inc.
Rowie Percoco,   President
7724 Pledger Ln
Sarasota, FL 34240
Cell: 941-504-9481