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Photos of Coat - After CurryVac


Photos of Coat - After CurryVac


Our 30 Day Challenge - We took a Palomino mare out of the pasture in Florida 90 deg. heat, her coat was Rough and Dull.  We used the CurryVac for 4 weeks, 5 days about 10 minutes a day then 2 days off and repeated for the next 3 weeks.  As you can see the mares coat is now Glossy and Short.  CurryVac made currying in Florida's 90 deg. heat easy and fast. 



 Day 1 - Coat is Rough and Dull, Hair is long.  


 Day 30 - Coat is Shiny and Short, Dapples are coming out, CurryVac is easy to use, lightweight, fast and powerful. This device will save you time and effort in keeping your horses coat in perfect condition. 


The below photos are representative of the power of this new Vacuum powered curry. See how the short coat now shines.  The curry has brought the natural oils to the surface and with the short hair the coat has now blossomed. This is how you want your show horse to appear in the ring.


New Mare 3 Weeks of CurryVac, Oils make coat Shine.

Gelding after 1 month of CurryVac, Short Show Coat, 
Oils make coat Shine.