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EZ Curry 2.0

EZ Curry 2.0

EZ Curry 2.0

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EZ Curry 2.0 Easy to Use
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Takes off Hair, Dirt and Dander without any effort. Brings up natural oils for a glossy coat. Just use like a soft brush, the EZ Curry does all the work.

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A new improved vacuum powered rotating curry, at 150 Revolutions per minute this  revolutionary curry will take the hair off your horse or animal in minutes with ease. Lightweight and easy to use the EZ Curry by CurryVac attaches to any standard vacuum cleaner.  With two styles of curries, Serrated and Cone, you have the choice for beginning or finishing your horse's coat.  After a few weeks of use the coat will become slick and shorter, it will shine with all the new oils brought to the surface.

The EZ Curry comes with two curries, one with cones, one with serrated teeth. Each is interchangeable, other devices will be available in the near future.  All are intended to reduce the work and effort to maintain a show quality coat on your horse or animal.

Many of our customers horses groomed with the EZ Curry have won major horse events and top many of the Halter Points Lists.  Grooming with the EZ Curry will make a  big difference in your overall grooming results.  Try it you and your horses will love it.

Please Note:

EZ Curry 2.0 is a Grooming Tool, a Vacuum Cleaner is needed to power the device and not included, a standard vacuum cleaner will power the curry.  Best results are from smaller home style or horse designed vacuums, shop vac's will work, smaller shop vac's work best, larger shop vac's have 2 1/2 inch hose which will need adapter to 1 1/4 inch. Large shop vac's may not have proper suction for device to work at top efficiency.

Please verify inlet size of your vacuum, we carry some adapters.

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