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New Improved EZ Curry 2.0 Summer Blowout !

Summer is here and so it the EZ Curry 2.0 Summer Sale - Buy 1 Get 3 with Free Shipping USA. Can't beat the heat get the EZ Curry - No Sweat Curry, let the EZ Curry do all the work.  Make that show coat in minutes, like a car buffer, how simple is that.  Horses love the buffing, like a soft massage.

Take that hair off in minutes, no sweat, no strain, just a soft buffing action. See that hair come off like magic.  Shine that coat like the pro's do. Get that glossy coat so easy, hot summer days are for Fishing.....made by horse people that are tired of hand currying. We been doing this for 50 years, time to change and we did.

Tired hands are a thing of the past, EZ Curry let's us be more productive and our horses love the great massage, see them grin all the way back to the stall. No more rubbing that belly, let EZ Curry do the magic.

3 EZ Curries for the price of 1, how crazy is that ? We want everyone to be happy this summer and save some money. Give one to a friend, they will smile at the though of all the sweating they will not have to do this summer.

Happy Currying !!

The CurryVac Team.