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Spring is Springing - Time to Curry

Spring Show season is just around the corner and CurryVac will make that winter coat disappear in just a few weeks if you have one handy.  So easy to use and your horses will love the daily massage.  Take off that winter coat now!!  CurryVac is fast at making that show coat.

We use our CurryVac all year round keeping our halter horses in tip top shape. That's why we invented this amazing curry tool. Our recent show in Perry, Georgia our Gelding took 5 Grands and 1 Reserve Amateur, then all 6 Judgers gave us Grand in Open....this is a CurryVaced horse.  Over 80 points earned in one show.

You too can have the same show quality coat on your horses.  CurryVac is the easiest was to curry a horse. Look at the video of a first time user, the hair is flying off  his horse with absolutely no physical effort on the users part.

Get our special deal...2 CurryVac's for the price of one with FREE Shipping, our best deal ever.

Such a deal !!  Get them while they are at this low, low price..


The CurryVac Team 


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