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Time to get your coats in show shape using the New CurryVac Grooming device. Use like a soft brush to take off that winter hair and get that New Sheen back in 30 days.  Rotates at 100 RPM powered by your standard vacuum cleaner. Softly brush back and forth with the CurryVac and see the hair drop gives your horse a great massage.

Over 2000 happy users in two years with the CurryVac, multiple Grand Champions, National Champions and State Champions  depend on CurryVac for their amazing winning show coats.  

Simple to use, Fast and Easy - No effort in removing hair, dirt and dander, use like a soft brush.  Horses love the massage action, gets into every area of the horses body. 

Big BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Sale going on until April 15, 2022.  This is the right time to try this amazing tool, we know you will enjoy using the CurryVac and your horses will love you for taking time to make them so happy. 


The CurryVac Team