New LOW Price Plus FREE Priority Shipping USPS 2 or 3 Day USA - Now Shipping to Canada

November 2020

BOGO starts today....Buy One Get One limited time offer, flat shipping VIA USPS Priority Mail.  The Fastest Curry on the market, no effort to use, like brushing your horse.  Let the CurryVac do all the work.  Plus will give your horse the best massage ever, they will love it.

This sale will last for a limited time so get your free second CurryVac right now.  Give one to a friend or for a great Christmas gift give a CurryVac. 

This new style curry is the only one like this, old curry's are hard to use, take lots of time and effort, CurryVac is powered by a standard vacuum cleaner, let the CurryVac work for you. 

Bring home the Blue with the best ever show coat, shine like a new copper penny only takes minutes a day. 

We know you will love this new curry.

Flat Rate USPS shipping to USA & Canada - No Returns on BOGO sale items. Only CurryVac on BOGO sale.


The CurryVac Team