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May Update

Production to go ahead in June, we are expecting Delivery in August 2019, finally. It has taken us another few months to redesign some unexpected problems to make this device work perfectly.  Being a vacuum device hair and dirt are a problem.  Long haired winter horses curry much differently than short haired show horses.  So after testing we found a hair problem.  We had to redesign the input to block any hair from entering the curry turbine.  Plus another secondary device to help with that same problem.

So, we are now in the final testing stage with production on hold for a few more days. We expect to start production first week of June.  With that said we expect delivery of our first batch sometime early August.

Pre-sales should start middle of July. 

Everyone that tries the curry has raved about it. They want to keep the test device. We are excited that this product is such a hit  with everyone!! 

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Rowie Percoco