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May 2020



Getting back to work !!  Most of us are now starting to get back to normal, the trend is now in our favor that this was all a giant Hoax from the start to keep us all in our homes and ruin 50% of the economy.  The current numbers published by the CDC and other Government offices show the lock downs were unnecessary and did not prevent any containment of the Virus and actually promoted more people to get sick.

NY the largest of the contamination showed that 66% of new infected cases came from home bound patients, these patients did not venture out very often and were home the majority of the time.  Workers in the "Essential" areas continued to work and did not become as infected percentage wise as the "Confined" workers.

I am sure most of you came through this "hoax" OK as  we are not bound to our homes as we have animals to care for.  Normal farm living does not allow for us to be sick, we have obligations to our animals and can not be corralled into this wave of confinement.

Lets all get back to NORMAL.  This short period of disruption is almost over, here in Florida our show season is starting again the end of this month.  Time to now get our animals back in show shape.

Back to WORK !!!