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March Update

Sales in February were terrific !!  Comments from customers were good, some made the mistake of thinking this device was a shedding tool for that long winter coat. The CurryVac is only a curry. It will take that winter coat off but by currying, it will take time for the coat to shed. 

After a week or so of use you will find the hair is flying off, it will take at least 30 day to get to that short glossy coat but how much easier is it with the CurryVac. No hard rubbing or effort, just swing the CurryVac back and forth softly, no pressure or force, let the curry do all the work.

We also have had some issues with changing the curries, in the next day or so we will have a video up showing how to adjust the serrated curry, some of them are misshapen and have to be adjusted to fit right.  Heat plays a big part in rubber, in the very cold climates it is very hard, when the rubber is warmer it will soften and be easier to get on and off.

We appreciate all the comments on Face Book. I would be nice to see more comments on our website. Please post photos and is so hard to get a new product into the marketplace, comments and ratings are welcome.

Our second batch of CurryVac's will begin production in a few months, with the changes we have in store the CurryVac will get even better. 

Thank you to all our new customers, we do appreciate your patronage and know the CurryVac is saving you time and effort in grooming your horses.


Rowie Percoco    President  CurryVac, Inc.