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March 2021

Spring grooming around the is coming off all over the place. Time to get back in show shape as the summer show season is coming fast.  CurryVac will make that so much easier this year.  Using that old vacuum cleaner the CurryVac will remove hair, dirt and dander all in one easy step, no need to use your muscle power anymore, let the CurryVac do all the work!!

After over a full year of sales we have had very few breakdowns or issues with the CurryVac. It works like advertised, easy to use, fast and efficient.  Use daily or every other day to get and maintain a great shiny short hair coat.  Plus your horses will love the great massage action.  The CurryVac will bring up all the essential oils in your horses coat and give you a great natural shine.

We appreciate the thousands of users who are now making their grooming so much faster and simpler. Only minutes a day will make that show coat stand out beside a hand curried horse.  

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The CurryVac Team