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June 2021

At Last !!! We've made it !! Covid appears to be over in Florida and most other states. Hopefully we can all now get back to our regular routines.

Our Florida show season is now on summer break as the heat is here but as usual we still have to keep our show horses in top shape.  With the CurryVac it is so easy to do, the sweating we used to do is no longer a problem.  The CurryVac does all the work for us. 

CurryVac is so simple to use, like a brush, just go over the horses coat back and forth, the hair just falls out. This great finishing too will keep that coat short and shiny.  We generally use the CurryVac every other day or so to keep the coat just right, to get a perfect coat we recommend 5 days on and 2 off for about a month.

Keeping a show coat has never been so fast and simple, just takes a few minutes to use the CurryVac over the entire body, your horse will also love the great massage they receive.  The CurryVac stimulates the coat and brings up those essential oils to make that coat sheen. 

Right now we have the CurryVac priced at a low $29.95, this low price will end July 30 so this is the right time to get your own CurryVac.


The CurryVac Team