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June 2020

Summer is here - Show season has started in many places. Time to get that finished look on your hoses coat.  A shiny coat will attract more attention than a dull listless coat. CurryVac will make that coat shine like a new copper penny !! 

All it takes is a few minutes a day with CurryVac, 5 days on and 2 days off.  Give you horses coat the best treatment ever.  Maintaining a great coat is so simple and easy to do. With summer heat, using the CurryVac will save you so much sweat.  No more than taking a soft brush to your horse the CurryVac works the same way, just brush lightly with the CurryVac all around your horses coat. Even do the legs and of course the belly.

This is our very first designed curry, it took us over 7 years to get it the way we wanted  We have applied for a patent, it should be issued sometime later this year. This is the first vacuum powered rotating curry, actually the first rotating curry.

If you have any issues with our CurryVac we are anxious to hear back from you. We want to assure you we are listening to all your ideas on how to improve our product.

Thank you to all our new users. We appreciate your support.

The CurryVac Team