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January 2021

WOW !! 2021 whoever thought back in '76 we would be seeing that number, yes back in '76 we were heavy into the show world with AQHA, moved to paints in 1985 so we have a long relationship with horses.

Over the years we have curried a lot of horses to say the least, Pat my wife wanted something better to take the WORK out of currying so SHE came up with this great product.  

Took us over 7 years to come up with a design, it is not easy. This first model of the CurryVac works as designed.  It curries like a hand curry but without the effort or the muscle power.  We can curry our horse in 95 deg. weather and not raise a sweat.  Hair, dirt and dander come off so fast, makes currying so much simpler.

You have to try it to see the great results.  Why spend all that time and effort in hand currying when this device will do all the work for you.  It is so simple just like brushing your horse for 10 minutes, no hard pressure is needed, just go softly with the CurryVac all over the body, legs, belly so easy.  Plus your horse will love the great massage they receive, like taking a vibrator massager and doing the entire body.

2021 looks to be a much better year for us all.....hopefully the Covid will finally wane and we can all get back to a normal life. 

Look for us at the Florida/Georgia  Paint Shows, we are still active in halter after all these years and still love it.


The CurryVac Team