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Hot Hot Summer is Here !!!! Boy is it hot !

As summer rolls around it is getting really hot, too hot to stress yourself by hand currying your horses. Let the Powered CurryVac do all the work as you softly brush your horses and the CurryVac removes that hair coat.  Bringing up those essential oils and maintaining that show coat is so easy with the CurryVac.  Rotating powered by a small vacuum cleaner the CurryVac is so simple for anyone to use.

We designed the CurryVac because we are old and wanted something easy to use to curry our halter horses. Took us 7 or 8 years to come up with the CurryVac. Make currying such an easy chore, plus it make our halter horses shine like a new copper penny.

Even you young folks will benefit from this rotating curry, it is so easy to use, like a soft brush just go back and forth as the curry removes the hair, dirt and dander plus giving your horse a relaxing massage, they will suck it up when you do the belly and want you to do more and more. 

Maintaining a Show Coat is so much easier with the CurryVac, no sweat summer, don't let the heat get you down, CurryVac will make it so much more fun.

We are now shipping Flat Rate USPS 2 or 3 Day Priority, $9.99 any where in the USA.  Get your CurryVac and enjoy your summer grooming.


The CurryVac Team