New LOW Price Plus FREE Priority Shipping USPS 2 or 3 Day USA - Now Shipping to Canada


Now Through December 31 our LOWEST Prices Ever !! You get 3 New CurryVac's for the price of one.  Shipped FREE USPS priority mail to USA addresses.  This horse grooming tool works of your standard vacuum cleaner. 

Rotates at 100 plus RPM to take off the hair, dirt and dander leaving a great short show coat in less than 30 days.  Use every other day for a few weeks, see that hair come off with ease.  

Use like a soft brush, no pressure needed. Your horses will love the massage action. Can be used to calm the horse, they will want you to never stop.  Makes your coats shine and short. Brings the oils to the surface.  No pressure is needed, just a back and forth action, works on legs, back, side, neck...... anywhere. 

We ship USPS 2 or 3 day, USA addresses FREE.  Canada is low flat rate. 

Get these 3 CurryVac's now and give one or two to your friends as a great gift. The Holidays are fast approaching, now is the time to get ready.  Plus you can keep your horses coats in show shape now or use in the Spring to get them ready for your show season.

Here in Florida we use this all rear long as we do not get that winter coat issue, we can show all year long.

Happy Currying.......


The CurryVac Team