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February Update

Thank you to the hundreds of new owners of our new CurryVac.  Getting a product from inception to design to market is something unique and new to us.

Over 7 years ago we had an idea that there had to be a better way to curry our horses. 7 long years later we now have a product "CurryVac" that does just this and is becoming very popular.

Starting the middle of November when we finally received our first shipment of CurryVac's our next hurdle was to market this new unproven device.  3 months later marketing has finally taken off, acceptance of this new unusual product is gaining momentum.  Every day we ship CurryVac's all over the USA, how exciting is this!!!

So far we have received very little negative feedback and mostly positive feedback. The minor problems have been resolved by email or phone, no failures of the device have been noted, this is exceptional for a brand new product.  

Our next goal is to gain more feedback from our customers on how they like the Curry and how to improve the product.  We strive to make this curry become the number 1 new horse product.  Our design team has other horse related products in the pipeline to help everyone solve equine issues that still exist in today's world.

Thank you again for all those that have invested in our new product.


The CurryVac Team