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December Update

Shipping CurryVac's daily VIA Free 2 to 3 day Priority Mail, Over 100 shipped in the last few weeks, Thank You All.  This is a very new product just manufactured for the first time, a very Unique Design never seen before.  

So far most comments have been very positive, we have had only 1 minor problem with 1 unit but after consulting with the buyer the unit now works just as designed.  As this is our very first production run we are excited to say everyone is satisfied with the units they have received.

Christmas is fast approaching, with USPS priority shipping we can ship as late as December 19 for delivery before Christmas. But please do not wait that long to purchase. 

Some questions have risen  if the CurryVac can be used on Dogs.  It was designed for horses but I would imagine it could be utilized on dogs as well.  As soon as we get feedback from users on dogs we will report their results.  Many buyers are reporting about the massage the unit gives, they say their horses love it.

Thanks again to all our new customers.