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December 2020 What a Year !!!

Our first full year with the CurryVac and what a year to begin a business.  2020 started off with a BANG !!  Until March 15, with the rest of the world in lockdown we also became hostage to this unprecedented pandemic.

2021 looks to become so much better, I know all of you are looking forward to getting over this state of affairs. Let's get back to NORMAL. 

2020 will be history in less than 30 days, YEAH !!

CurryVac's are now on sale with our end of the Year BOGO sale.  This ends this month on December 12 so buy now and save. So far we have not seen very many CurryVac's wear out.  A few have been returned out of more than 2000 units which for a brand new product is fantastic. Two units did have some issues but we feel it was due to too much pressure being applied to the device. 

Our test units here at CurryVac have run continually for more than a year, we curry at least 3 to 4 times a week.  These units are exactly the same units we sell from the same production system.  Yes they do get dirty and do have to be cleaned, proper maintenance is essential.  

Look at our videos to see how you also can make your grooming easy and fun. Your horses will love the extra massage they get every time you use the CurryVac on them. 

The BOGO sale will end soon....a one time Flat Shipping Fee on multiple orders.


The CurryVac Team