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CuryVac Champions

Announcing the two latest Champions VIA CurryVac.  National Champion 2 year Old Gelding, Amateur 2 and Under Geldings - What's the Question, CurryVaced to a winning shine, plus 2021 Aged Halter Gelding Champion  Amber Porter with The Ultimate Kid.  Congratulations to both great geldings.

CurryVac now has sales in multiple countries, worldwide shipping is available. We have under development for 2022 our next version of the CurryVac.  The CurryVac works as designed, taking off hair, dirt and dander, bringing up the essential oils to give your horse that finished sheen.  Winning is made easier with a perfect coat.

With Christmas coming up we have in stock now the CurryVac which would be a great gift for your horse friends. Shipping at a flat fee VIA 2 or 3 day USPS priority guarantees you will receive you CurryVac before Christmas. 

Thank you to our current customers for a great year.


The CurryVac Team