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April 2020

Just a few more days and maybe we can all get back to our normal lives......Due to the Virus most of us have stayed in place for the last three weeks, I know we all want to get back to work !!!

We have relaxed our promotions of the CurryVac until things normalize, no horse shows scheduled in the near future, no one is venturing out very far.  Hopefully the month of May brings us some closure on this shutdown.  We are looking forward to an exciting summer season, starting next week we will again start promoting the CurryVac, this gives all of you 30 to 40 days to get those Coats in Show shape !


Thank you all who have been using the CurryVac, we have received many kind notes how well you like the job it is dong.  Our stock of CurryVac's has not run out, we are anxious to sell these and get the next batch manufactured.

Keep those horses in show shows are right around the corner.


Rowie  CurryVac