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2022 Happy New Year !!

The new year is here ! 2022 can you believe we made it through 2021, for us it was a very good year. We won the National Champion Amateur Gelding  2 and under  APHA, So What's The Question, earned over 100 points this year.  Plus we now have another weanling gelding almost ready to show.

CurryVac is moving along, we continue to provide the only powered Horse Curry,
no other Curry on the market like it.  CurryVac runs off a standard vacuum cleaner, takes of hair, dirt and dander like a soft brush.  Grooming is so much easier with CurryVac.

Also all reports from customers say their horses love the massage action, like the great BELLY RUB it gives.  With the new show season coming up fast it's time to think about getting that show coat again.  CurryVac can do it in 30 days or less, just try it and see the hair come off in bundles.

CurryVac rotates fast enough to do the job but will not hurt the horses coat, it is so easy on them, no need to push hard, just back and forth like a soft brush, works so good.

Take some time to watch the videos, you can see the hair flying off and some of the finished horses.

Have a Happy New Year - Looking forward to 2022 !!


The CurryVac Team