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Thank You for your order.  If you like the CurryVac, please tell your horse friends all about us.. We are a brand-new company with a product we designed from inception by horse people for horse people. It took us 7 long years to design and bring to market.  Now you can imagine how hard it is to get noticed and make our CurryVac popular.

If you have any questions at all on using the CurryVac please either email or Call me. My cell is 941-504-9481. Email is   We want you to be able use the CurryVac as we do, it works wonders for us and we want you to have the same results.  This curry has been in use for over a year in testing and design by many horse people. 

We would also like your feedback on the CurryVac, as this is a brand-new product, we are always looking to improve the CurryVac.  You can either go to the website and leave a review or just email me directly with your comments.  If you leave a review, please post some photos.


Please note we have had some issues with changing out the curries.  To remove the cone shaped and replace with the serrated you have to snap the curry in a counterclockwise rotation, the curry internal parts will rotate a little. This is normal. Snap left and right a few times to loosen up the curry, then remove when snapped to the left.  To install the serrated curry, you may have to reform the curry.  Hold the curry with both hands the serrated part away, thumbs in the middle and push the middle away, the curry may be
curved inward and will not fit.  Hold this position for a reasonable time.  Also, the tabs may have to be bent upwards. The curry should now fit on the white receptor. Snap to the right to lock the curry on.

We have found the cone shaped curry works best on all types of coats


Thank you again for your purchase. I know you and your horses will love the CurryVac.


CurryVac Team